‘Cats’ trailer stirs some buzz from its sheer bizarre look

The long awaited trailer for the film adaptation of one of Broadway’s most historical plays, Cats, is here. The trailer itself does not look bad per say, it just looks weird. Rather than costumes, they landed on the idea of making the characters CGI hybrids of humans and cats. Check it out here:

The cast itself is quite star-studded. It is led by Francesca Hayward, a Principal ballerina for The Royal Ballet. As the film is, in fact, a musical they have brought on singers Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo and Jennifer Hudson to join the cast. Actors Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Ian McKellen, James Corden and Rebel Wilson are also on the cast in their strange anthropomorphic roles.

Obviously, these trailers always release an unfinished product to the public. It is safe to say that the animation is not complete as of yet and, much like 2019’s Aladdin, the CGI will look more realistic in the final film. However, the trailer we got reminds me of an old WormyTV fan made trailer for a live action Thundercats parody movie. The artist just painted cat faces and colorful outfits on famous actors like Brad Pitt and Vin Diesel. If you haven’t seen it, it’s hilariously perfect:

All in all, Cats doesn’t look bad. It just looks peculiar in the most inexplicable way possible. It hits theaters this December 20th.

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