MCU titles confirmed for Phase 5

The end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe conference at SDCC was full of bold confirmations and statements from Marvel Studios leader Kevin Feige. After the films had been announced for Phase 4, he very quickly ran through a bunch of mini-confirmations on projects that are on the way for 2022 and beyond. Check out that clip here:


The main surprise of the night came from the only announcement that had not been previously rumored. Feige brought out Academy Award Winning actor Mahershala Ali, who put on a hat that said Blade. Aside from Ali playing the titular role, no other news has broken about casting, plot details or writing and directing.

Black Panther 2 & Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 3

Feige announced that these two films were still in the works, as previously confirmed. Binge Sequence just posted an article on all of the updates for both of these films here. Aside from that, they already have their cast and crew for the most part and are simply being pushed back to make way for the newer cosmic angles of Phase 4.

Captain Marvel 2

It was obvious that we would be getting the next chapter in Carol Danvers’ story. It will most likely deal with some off-world journeys to further tie into the cosmic aspect of Phase 4. I think it is also a good bet that an older actress will be picking up Akira Akbar’s role of Monica Rambeau. This time around she would presumably be older and fully prepared to take on her role as Spectrum.

Fantastic Four

Kevin Feige mentioned that Fantastic Four is in the works, which garnered a huge reaction from fans. This tricky property has already had a few film adaptations that span from silly and campy to boring and bleak. Will fans of the comics finally get the adaptation that satisfies their dreams? It will be easier than ever now, with all of the presumable multiverse-play we might see in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness. We also cannot forget about all of the strange space anomalies that Danvers went to check on after the three Snaps, or Blip as they seem to be calling it.


Whether or not Feige was just referring to the species as a whole or actually hinting at a new title that is sure to separate itself from the Fox franchise of X-Men films, there seems to be a plan for how to implement mutants into the MCU. Again, this is something that can either be explained by the multiverse or the Blip. Both of which are a smart move to explain away any reason for existing heroes to not have shown up in the fight against Thanos.

What do you think we will see in Phase 5? What do you want to see?

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