5 Can’t Miss Movies and TV Shows – Week of August 5th

Here on Binge Sequence we will be giving a weekly updated list of titles that should be prioritized. A top 5 of sorts. The purpose of the list is to steer each other in the right direction.

Week of August 5th – What to Watch:

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling

Rocko and the gang return to Earth in the 21st Century and try to survive the modern era. When Rocko realizes his favorite show is no longer on air, they go on a quest to find the stars and rekindle that TV magic they were once so fond of. The movie will be available exclusively on Netflix.

Free Meek

Rapper Meek Mill has had quite a life of overcoming obstacles. This has not stopped police and the justice system from continuously throwing them at him, however. Free Meek is a docu-series that takes us through the story of the rapper’s incarceration and the corruption that made his journey so difficult.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

In the current climate of trendy horror flicks, who can forget the old Scary Stories anthology novels? The series was a Goosebumps-style series aimed towards older kids and will get its film adaptation release this week.


Netflix’s critically acclaimed series based on the Gorgeous Ladies Of Westling returns for another season of chokeholds, glitter and glam. Watch as the ladies deal with finding their place amongst the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Kitchen

2019 has not been short on comic adaptations. In that same vein, a new movie approaches about three New York mob-wives who are running the operation for their gangster husbands who are in jail. Melissa McCarthy, Elisabeth Moss and Tiffany Haddish bring these resourceful ladies of Hell’s Kitchen to life and hit theaters August 9th.

What else are you watching this week?

Movies, Shows and other must watch items can stay on the list for up to 4 weeks! Other titles may just appear for a week or two! Thanks for stopping by and remember add your recommendations in the comments below and subscribe to Binge Sequence to see what makes next week’s must watch list. 

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